I’m a Decimal

So i’m a decimal if you are wondering what its like to be me i’ll tell you. I’m important for money. Math teachers use me to teach their kids decimals. They also use me so they can teach their kids how to do money.Next people use me for measurement.I keep the tenths and hundredths separate from the numbers to the left.Oh and another thing is that math teachers use me to teach students how to subtract with decimals,add with decimals,and to do fractions with decimals.


  1. If I were an elf at the North Pole I would help Santa get ready by…Getting the reindeer ready by feeding the reindeer. It’s important to feed the reindeer so they have energy for the night.Then I would give them water so they don’t get dehydrated.Lastly I would hook the reindeer up to the sleigh .I would do that so Santa doesn’t have to because Santa has to do a lot of stuff  on December 24th.As you can see there is hard work to be an elf at the North Pole.